Q&A with Iris Nevins of Black NFT Art

We had the wonderful opportunity of checking in with Iris Nevins of Black NFT Art about inspirations, exciting exhibits, and future podcasts! Black NFT Art is a media & community brand empowering Black people in the NFT space through content, promotion, and events. Check out the Q&A below!

Bit.Shes: Black NFT Art is clearly proving to be very influential and valuable for artists. How long have you been in existence? What sparked your creation?

Iris Nevins: After spending 3 months observing the NFT space we noticed a lack of Black artists in NFTs and a lack of visibility for the Black artists who were already creating NFTs. We wanted to change that dynamic so that new Black people joining the NFT space could feel encouraged rather than isolated. So, we created Black NFT Art at the end of February 2021 with the vision of amplifying Black art in the NFT space and growing a thriving community of people who celebrate and collect Black art.

B: What is a project or initiative you're currently working on that you're especially excited about?

Nevins: We're currently working on a 30-day virtual exhibit featuring Black & African artists from around the world. We're really excited for this project and hope it will bring even more visibility to some really talented artists. The exhibit will include a 30-day event series that focuses on educating and disseminating knowledge about NFTs and crypto. So hopefully, that will help to attract some new and curious people into NFTs. Finally, we'll be hosting the exhibit in a brand new virtual gallery called The Unseen Gallery. It's the newest sister-brand by our parent company Umba Daima.

B: You've got quite a podcast going on! Any hints on who might be sharing their insights next? What can listeners look forward to?

Nevins: We'll be interviewing Slyfly very soon. He is a hilarious comedian turned NFT artist and he is also dropping a new collectible series!

B: How can people get involved with Black NFT Art, either as artists or as supporters?

A: Nevins: We'd love for people to subscribe to our email lists so they can stay updated on our projects and support the ones that interest them. You can find links to our newsletters on all of our websites so that's Umba Daima, Black NFT Art, and The Unseen Gallery. We also have a Black NFT Art NFT that we're releasing soon. The BNA NFT will be a great way for people to support our work and we'll be gifting NFTs from our vault to our collectors. This BNA NFT will be especially useful for those who want to collect Black art but struggle to stay engaged with all of the drops happening!