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ATTA and Binance Charity Run ‘NFT for Good’ Campaign

Jul 22, 2021

The year has been amazing for NFTs, and now ATTA and Binance Charity are using the technology to give back to society. The blockchain-based content creator teamed up with the crypto exchange charity to help children born with clefts.

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Blockchain technology could be particularly beneficial for women, says WTO director general

Jul 09, 2021

The former foreign and finance minister of Nigeria said the G20 should be looking into blockchain solutions to close the gender gap.

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HerStory DAO is empowering Black woman creators in NFTs through collective power.

Jul 09, 2021 - podcast

HerStory DAO is an art collective dedicated to preserving and incubating the stories of Black woman creators in NFTs. They became known after bringing Black artists, collectors, and allies together to bid on two NFT art pieces by Black female rapper Latasha and an Ethiopian family of visual artists that go by the name Yatreda.

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Jul 06, 2021

I am sure I do not have to convince you of the erasure of Black people in the Western art world.

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Women Are Finding Financial Freedom in Cryptocurrencies

Jul 02, 2021

The discussion around women in crypto comes up a lot, as the space has been known for being male-dominated. However, 2021 is already showing signs that more women are investing, working, and learning about crypto and blockchain than ever before.

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Financial Freedom Attracts Women to Crypto

Jun 18, 2021

Platforms like CoinMarketCap, Gemini, and Robinhood have reported a sharp increase in the percentage of female users, but little is known about what draws women to crypto, how they pick assets, and the barriers they face.

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The rise of women investors in the Indian crypto market

Jun 16, 2021

A large percentage of women believe that financial independence is of utmost importance to them. Yet if we look around the cryptocurrency space, women comprise a small percentage of the crypto space. For example, CoinSwitch Kuber reports that women form merely 15% of their user base.

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Here’s How Bay Area Artists Are Using NFTs—Beyond Memes and Million-Dollar Sales

Jun 07, 2021

Oakland photographer Brianna Mills didn’t know a ton about the worlds of blockchain and cryptocurrency when she minted her first non-fungible token, or NFT.

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CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with Camila Illustration

Jun 06, 2021

I’m so thrilled to introduce you all to one of my latest and favourite discoveries – the artwork of Camila Illustration, a digital artist from Porto, Portugal.

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